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Learn Portuguese, English and Language exchange

Learn new languages, get smarter and become a global citizen 

Lined Up Books

English classes for locals

English is the universal language and mastering is essential to access various opportunities, especially in the job market.

In Mozambique  the official language is Portuguese.

To help underprivileged young people to communicate effectively in English, we create courses and classes are facilitated by both local and international Volunteers most of which are native speakers free of charge.

Recording English Class

Portuguese classes

Portuguese classes were designed for foreigners in Mozambique. 

Informal group lessons from 150Mzn/h, 10 hours a week.

Classes for Beginners & Intermediate

Classes are delivered one on one or in small groups and registration is ongoing.

Studying in Groups

Language exchange

Practice language by meeting up with native speakers/ Speakers living nearby.

Why conversation exchange? 

Its fun and you can make new friends from different cultures;

You practice both listening and speaking at the same time with your language exchange partner;

It's a very fast and effective language learning method.

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